If you live in Norwich, Norfolk, then you already know the water is HARD!

Hard water is defined as water with high mineral content. Usually Hard Water is full of calcium carbonate, which is the annoying hard off-white stuff that builds up around your taps, shower heads and other places that the hard water comes into contact with.

The high mineral content of your water can sometimes be good for your body but bad for your plumbing system and cleaning limescale can be a nightmare.

We are all trained to think that getting rid of this limescale can only be done using some expensive limescale removal product from your local supermarket..

A Cheap Way To Clean Limescale

A Cheap Way To Clean Limescale


Here us a cheap way to clean limescale.

Calcium Carbonate is really weak against anything acidic, so get out your vinegar, which is a lot cheaper than branded limescale so or JIF lemon juice left over from Pancake Day and get soaking.

Ideally, for taps, you want to get an old cloth, soak it in your vinegar (or lemon juice) then wrap it around the tap for a few hours then give it a good ‘ol scrub. You will find that it will come off nicely.

For shower heads, bathroom tiles, glass shower enclosures etc, try to find an old spraying container to fill with your limescale busting solution. Spray it on, leave it for an hour or two and wipe it off.

When I clean my house, I use flash spray cleaner, I saved one of the containers, washed it out and filled it with vinegar and now I use it to clean all of the lime scale from my bathroom. Also, another quick tip.. Use the vinegar to clean your glass! Most window cleaners are vinegar based; you will find that your windows will come up sparkling for 1/8th of the price.

You can also clean the limescale from your kettle by filling it with 50/50 vinegar to water solution then leave it for 6 hours. Then simply was it out.

We hope that you will find this info helpful.. It has saved me many pounds over the years!

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